Sunday, January 30, 2011

Because It's My Blog...

...and one's blog is about oneself, here's what I've done recently...

From time to time I've gone with a singing group here at SVS and sung responses to services, helped put on concerts, etc. We went to Harrisburg, then to York, PA the weekend before classes started and sang the Vespers responses in the former parish (Christ the Savior, OCA) and the Divine Liturgy responses in the latter, followed by a concert (St. John Chrysostom, AOANA). The concert was recorded on YouTube (LINK) and pictures are on the SVS website (LINK).

Also, I was asked to write a little reflection-type blurb on Theophany for the "Seminarians Speak" section of the SVS website. (LINK)

I am on the preaching schedule for my Exegesis for Preaching class, during which I'll be preaching in front of my classmates, once on a gospel reading, another time on an epistle. As if that weren't intimidating enough, as a new curveball for those in my year, we've also been put on the chapel preaching schedule as second-year students (instead of beginning this in the last year, which I believe has been the custom) I get to preach in front of the whole freaking seminary muuuuch sooner than I expected. Joy. Your prayers are coveted.

Finally, I went to the March for Life, as I posted below. That...has been interesting. More later.


Fr. Gregory Jensen said...


Preaching as I do now and then, may I offer you a tip? As you begin your sermon, divide the room into quadrants. In each quadrant look for a smiling face--and then look at those people as you preach, shifting you gaze from one person to the next.

May God bless your preaching in the coming days and through out your ministry.

In Christ


Fr. David said...

Fr., Bless,

Thank you for the tip; feel free to send any and all advice you may have regarding preaching my way.

And thank you for the prayer. Keep 'em coming.

Josh said...

Beautiful concert clips - you guys sound really nice.

James the Thickheaded said...

As a voice from the non-pews, I love that suggestion!

Reminds me of my pre-Orthodox days with one of my favorite now-retired Anglocatholic priests who used to reach a point in many of his sermons where he would say, "And now I have to carefully shift my gaze towards the ceiling so as to not have anyone think that by gazing at them, that my next few words are specifically addressed to something of their own personal
shortcomings rather than something I mean much more generally...".

And it helped that he managed this with a twinkle in his eye so that we knew he was cheering us on and indeed very much part of the same struggle.

Jim said...

preaching can be intimidating. Isn't it true that you only have to speak for ten minutes? That seems to be the length of time for homilies.
Protestants are expected to go on for at least twenty and up to 45 minutes!

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...

Hmmm... by what I can see in the picture, it looks like you've been preachin' to the choir, David... :)

biss said...

I love hearing those homilies. I imagine it's gotta be a pretty hard thing to preach to one's peers, but I'm so glad they do it. I'm looking forward to yours.