Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Word on Metropolitans, Then to the Fast

My wife told me about the OCA Truth blog the other day which means to serve as a corrective to the OCA News blog, which I sensed was kicking over the traces back in the "AOCANA bishop 'demotion'" days. I just rolled my eyes and said that none of this is helpful, that we can't ever really know anything with regard to these goings on...none of which stopped me from actually going to said blog and liking two or three of the articles on Facebook. We are nothing if not hypocrites.

Having said that, I'll say this about the situation and be done with it: I do think that, if Metropolitan JONAH turns out to be under attack from some for being too pro-life, too pro-DADT, too plain-ol'-monastic, then I'll not be surprised. It's insane that the wrangling in the Synod should 1) be about these issues and 2) be this perpetual--albeit no less Byzantine, apparently--in this age of the internet. I pray he comes back and is able to resume his duties following the lenten fast, for he is a leader who will do our church much good, if God allows. My druthers are what they are; I'll leave it at that and use Lent to pray as I can.

(Later edit, 3/8: Looks like some short-sighted commentary on my part--or at least very culturally-conditioned commentary--has caused foot to meet mouth again. I think Samn's got us DOS-ers pegged in a lot of ways. I'll leave the post as is; hopefully as a reminder to shut up and watch, rather than mouth off so quickly. My apologies to any and all for the above paragraph. While some things there may have some merit, it apparently is hardly the whole story.)

Forgiveness Vespers tonight in chapel; I have to say, I love the tradition here of singing the Paschal canon odes and verses during the rite of forgiveness. This is the only meaning the Fast can ever truly have and be tenable: Forgiveness and Resurrection. We are not those who fast, weep, or do anything else as those who have no hope; as the homilist said in liturgy this morning, we can't pretend that we don't know how this is going to end! Our joy is here, at the onset of the fast, and it is Christ, the risen One.

Blessed Fast.


B. E. Ward said...

Apparently, visiting OCA Truth wasn't your REAL transgression. It was commenting on Owen's blog.

I hope Barbara-Marie Drezhlo asks for your forgiveness.

Fr. David said...

Hi, Justin.

Um? I thought Owen's post was actually pretty good, at least the way I took it. Aaaaand Voices...haven't even looked at that site for years now.

So, sorry if I'm being dense, but I don't get the joke.

B. E. Ward said...

You oughta go check out Voices.. a post from at least a few days ago now.

Fr. David said...


Thanks, but no thanks. Just pray.

B. E. Ward said...

That's better advice..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your prayerfully obtained wisdom. Sending a small gift to help with the purchase of your riassa for when the time comes. May God continue to be with your wonderful family.

Fr. David said...

Anonymous -- thank you for visiting, and for the help. God bless, and please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Darlene said...


Your advise to "just pray" is so simple yet so difficult at the same time. It is much easier to tangle oneself in gossip, or search out the latest goings on in a particular jurisdiction, or criticize our brother, or be distracted by many things that do not profit the soul.

To "just pray" seems to be the wisest and most profitable of all solutions. While it can be stated easily, it is not done quite that easily. In prayer we wrestle with the demons and passions of our flesh, we take part in spiritual warfare. Are we prepared for the task which requires us to be dressed for such an occasion, "putting on the whole armor of God?"

Let's fight for the things worth fighting for and leave the rest to God. Blessed Fast to you and yours.