Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Mid-East Mess

Some thoughts, sparked by a discussion about Palestine/Israel a few days ago...

It's not a popular viewpoint, my railing against those who want to call the Jewish people "God's chosen people."

However, even though tt's pretty clear to me that the Church has inherited the promises of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob--and therefore I can't call the Hebrews "The Chosen" as is--I can't imagine that they have any less of a right to at least have a place of their own, considering their millenia-long history of being persecuted which continues to the present (it's quite clear that not a lot of people want them in "their" countries today).

But let me qualify--I don't think they have any sort of "divine right" from the Scriptures or anywhere else to any specific tracts of land in the Mid East, as many Zionist Evangelicals would have us I said, WE are Israel now, so that word ("Israel") no longer has nothing to do with who yo' daddy is.

And let me qualify further--so the Jews' "right to at least have a place of their own" that I mentioned doesn't come from God's direct decree, but should perhaps come from His common movement within human hearts to show a little compassion, for cryin' out loud. Haven't they suffered enough? And, lest you, gentle reader, think I turn a blind eye to the other suffering peoples of the world--yes, there are other holocausts going on...I think the massacred Christian tribes in the Sudan need their traditional lands back...all the dispossessed people in Eastern Europe need a place to call their own...EVERYONE needs a place to hang their hat. Seems to me that's just part of being HUMAN.

This is also why I think it's absolutely necessary to work towards a sovereign Palestinian state, as well. They've been injustly kicked off lands their ancestors had lived in for years and are more than justified in their (seemingly unrequitable) frustration and anger. Israel, it's clear to me, hasn't been the best steward of the amazing gift they've been given....

Have mercy, Oh Lord upon ALL world rulers, that we may ALL live calm and peaceful lives in all godliness and dignity...

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