Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Running as Communion

Am proud to say I've actually taken on the cliché New Year's Resolution of more exercise and, to this point, kept it...I've taken up running again--I did a LOT of it in college and am pledging to do it three times a week now--and had forgotten how much I missed the "runner's high." With the exception of last week (only two times), I've actually stayed on top of it.

When I run, I have an incredible feeling of stewardship going; I know I'm (finally!) taking care of the body Christ gave me and wants to redeem...and here I am cooperating with Him, by His mercy. I don't say this often, but I think I literally feel the presence of God more strongly when I run than at any other time, save the times when I approach the chalice during Liturgy, and then directly after communing when I return to the choir to sing, "We have seen the true Light / We have received the heavenly Spirit / We have found the true Faith / Worshipping the undivided Trinity / Who has saved us." The actual act of communion is strangely dreamlike; it never seems really "real" (though is it sad that I judge "reality" by feelings?)...I guess approaching passionless Love and partaking of Him will do that to a person...'s nice to run through the dusk of a cool winter night and sense the One who put it there.

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