Sunday, February 13, 2005

"You Did Not Tow the Party Line" and "Madeline Fusses, and Madeline Kicks!"

OK, so that's...what? Three Rich Mullins references in entry titles in just the first month? Yeah...I like the guy...

So there's a thread on (in my sidebar) that I just posted on (this link is my post) wherein I (try to) talk about the Orthodox view of Atonement and how it differs (and doesn't differ) from western confessions.

Rather than rehash the thread (you can read it if you want) I'll just say that I think there's a tendency among us converts to maybe want to be different from what we were before just for the sake of being different. Or rather, our newfound differences are a comfort to us; we no longer have to deal with any similarities or "old feelings" we used to have..."the old has gone; the new has come!" in other words.

But I think that the views on the Atonement, while they have many important differences, are not so diametrically opposed as I was led to believe as a catechumen. I just wish I'd been told that the "party line" opinion I'd been shown (no divine wrath, no type of "satisfaction" of any kind of justice, etc.) was sort of a "yeah, but..." idea within the Church, and that there was more to it. Ah, well.

I felt Hope kick yesterday! Or something...that child moves around so much it could have been anything...butt, arm, shoulder, I felt like little flutters under my hand. Precious.

A and I are preparing a joint Valentine's Day meal for today (the work week is just too busy), and we bought a pound (exactly) of salmon steaks...which is how much Hope E. weighs at this point. The wrapped steaks were about the size she is, too. A felt the steaks in her hand and said, "Well, no wonder I'm tired after carrying this!" Never thought deli-wrapped fish would remind me of my daughter....

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